Air Perfume Spray

Lingering odors always seem to build up inside your car making your driving experience less enjoyable, especially when it comes to others. In some cases, your riders can be a pet, dog or cat, a baby, uber or Lyft riders, and even your entire family. To neutralize unpleasant odors, adam has brought the odor neutralizer to the Car Air Perfume Spray market.

These Air Perfume Spray eliminators come in five great scents: fresh scent, lemon, watermelon, cherry, stra verry, and vanilla clean cotton for deep cleaning jobs, pair our odor neutralizer with adam leather interior cleaner, interior detailer, carpet, and upholstery cleaner, scent bomb, and activated carbon odor absorber bag. It make our odor neutralizer an essential car accessory by storing it in your car.


  • Type: Spray perfume
  • Item Height: 19cm
  • Item Length: 19cm
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Shape: Liquid
  • Item Type: Air Freshener
  • Item Volume: 150ml
  • Item Weight: 180g
  • Special Features: Refresh the air
  • Item Width: 4cm