8 head Massage Pillow

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This Massage Cushion has an elastic band and also dc interface, which is suitable for car, home, or office use and is an easy way to reduce stress and everyday strain on your body from travel, work, and other stress factors. It is an infrared heating function, can improve blood circulation, and offers you a very comfortable massage. It is a PU fabric with high strength is thin, flexible, soft, smooth, and also waterproof and the mesh fabric with high durability is breathable and also eco-friendly.

The 8 head Massage Pillow is made of high-grade material, which is more healthy and friendly to the environment. This 8 massage roller is together with the heat function can give total relaxation and massage to your back, neck, lumbar, and also thighs with comfort. It is a full and comfortable sponge design that makes it be more comfortable to massage and the inner zipper design can prevent skin from scratching when using effectively.


  • Material: Non-woven
  • Application: Waist