Aromatherapy Fragrance Relaxing Candle

Our Fragrance Relaxing Candle is infused with essential oil fragrances, allowing for a more pronounced but not overpowering scent. It quickly delivers a fascinating Pink Prosecco Rose scent. Prosecco is a special grape that is mainly used to make sparkling wine, while rose releases a pleasant hormone.

This Relaxing Aromatherapy Candles with matte golden glass is well protected by a gift box. There are bronzing fonts printed on the jar, adding a sense of luxury. It completely fills the glass, showing off our consistent craftsmanship. Its refillable container adds a sense of beauty to your house, as you can regard it as a planter or a pen holder after it runs out. It is definitely a sweet birthday and housewarming gift for friends and loved ones.

This Premium Fragrance Luxury Jar Candle is a natural cotton wick that provides a smooth burning. It is biodegradable and eco-friendly. It wick takes convenience as design concepts so that you hardly need to trim it frequently, as it maintains a moderate length of the wick to ensure consistent burning. Our jar candle can be fully burned out, not only the center circle but also the candle on the edge of the bottle. It won't easily be put out by the wind in most scenarios until you want it to stop working.


  • Type: Aromatherapy
  • Shape: Pillar
  • Feature: Scented
  • Material: Soy Wax