Foot Ionic Detox Massage Machine

Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa Machine can a large number of anti-oxidation negative Ions, accelerate the exchange rate of substances inside and outside the cell, improve the body's anti-oxidation ability, reduce the possibility of cancer. It is safe, with no side effects.

This Ionic Detox Foot Spa Bath Massager Machine is a pure water reaction without any side effects and toxic substance, give you total body purification. It is really easy to use, just connect to power, press the power button on the controller for 2 times, but the array and your feet into the water with a little salt, the machine will work.


  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Material: Composite Material
  • Size: Multi Size SML
  • Application: Foot
  • Type: Ionic foot detox machine
  • Packaging: Packed by safety bubble bag
  • Feature: ionic detox foot bath, detox foot spa machine,  ion foot bath detox machine, foot bath, foot spa bath massager

Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Arrays SPA Machine Foot Bath Array Footbath Massage Device Round for Stainless Steel Array Relief Pain


Compatible with most foot ionic machines.
Low maintenance just sprays with water and brush.            
Think more clearly, have more energy.
Be sure to clean your array after each use for longer-lasting performance.
Use time: Depends on how long time you use for each time and how strong the detox in your body.

What you can expect to feel when using it: feel lighter and sense of well-being.
People with pain, edema, gout, swollen or deteriorating joints report considerable relief.
Skin rashes and pimples, dark circles around eyes, swollen joints are substantially reduced and in some cases even eliminated.


1.Within 30 minutes, the foot spa will start to release positive and negative ions in the body, during which it is important to drink 500ml of water

2. The color of the water will change during this period, which is normal

3. When the work is stopped, the color of the water will not change

4. Patients with hypotension need to eat something first to avoid lowering blood sugar

5. Not recommended for pregnant women

6. After use, please supplement vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other nutrients to promote metabolism


1. Put the plastic bag on the foot basin, pour the warm water.(the product does not include a water basin)

2. Add 0.1 g of salt to the water.

3. Place the ion head in the center of the foot basin and connect the main unit.

4. Connect the power supply to the host.

5. Put your feet into Plastic Basin, open the button in the control panel.

6. When the host is working, it will light up. Each lamp illuminates for 5 minutes and the treatment lasts for 30 minutes.

7. The buzzer will sound at the end of 30 minutes and all the lights will flash four times indicating that the job has been completed.