Acupuncture Foot Massage Slippers

This pair of massage slippers fit for people at any age, for young people can play a role in promoting growth, for the elderly, it will prolong life. It for young women have the function of regulating the endocrine, expelling toxins, and beautifying the skin. At the same time, can relieve the mental pressure and promote the sleep of office workers. It is a graceful design, novelty style, and practical function, this pair of massage slippers fit for people at any age use, really a must-have family health care tool, also a perfect gift for your friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Acupuncture Foot Massage Slippers pair striped health care foot acupoint massage flat slippers with white red striped cotton blends shoe vamp, green-black bumpy sole massage layer, white foam skidproof outsole. Its plantar reflex zones are corresponding with the internal organs of the human body, through acupoint stimulation massage, can help promote blood circulation, relieve tension, improve body immunity and sleep quality.


  • Blue type: sole length 28cm/11.02in
  • Material: Upper: cotton cloth.
  • Sole: Foamed EVA